Jesus said : Let the little children come to me. Don’t keep them away. The Kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them .Matt1 9-14

The Ministry of our church is designed to provide developmentally appropriate experiences to encourage a child’s emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth. At WAPC, the purpose of our Preschool Program is to provide children with a loving, safe, nurturing, learning and Christian environment, which is based on developmentally appropriate curriculum. Our qualified and caring staff will offer appropriate learning experiences which will stimulate the child’s curiosity and creativity. These experiences will include group, individual and physical activities. This will promote independence, cooperation, sharing and the joy of learning. We will incorporate Christian concepts so that each child will have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their morals and values. Daily, we will be saying the pledges to the American flag,the Bible and the Christian Flag. We will also be praying our Morning prayer and our Blessings prayer before Snack.

We believe children learn through play. As part of our curriculum, we offer learning activities using books, worksheets, puzzles, blocks, art, home living center, creative play and music. We offer physical play indoors/outdoors.

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